How the Auction Works

You can download a copy of a past example Auction list from .... HERE!

Our auctions are made up of lots that have been submitted by club members, by members of the public or by estates of members who have passed away. Every financial club member can bid on these lots, so ensure that your current subs have been paid. Both turn up at the AGM and obtain registration on Saturday morning (get a bidding number), or submit a postal bid (an absentee bid). Bidders at the auction will be required to present their firearms licence.

There is a form attached to submit postal bids, but basically you just need to get a list to the auction convenor of those lots that you are interested in and a maximum bid for each item. (Post to Kevan Walsh, 4 Milton Road, Northcote Point, Auckland 0627, or email to him at

The minimum bid for each lot is $5. Some lots will have a reserve (e.g. R$30 which means that the lot will not sell unless a bid of $30 or more is made). When you submit a postal bid, the auction postal bidder will start the bidding at $5, or the reserve, or at an increment above the next highest postal bidder. So if two postal bidders make bids of $10 and $12 respectively, the starting bid will be $11 ($1 above the second highest postal bidder). Occasionally, two postal bidders will place the same maximum bid, in which case the bidding will begin at that amount.

You do not need to get Police approval to bid prior to the auction. You will only need Police approval if you are the successful bidder for ammunition. You may make an arrangement for another club member to uplift your successful lots to deliver them to you, but that club member will need to present their firearms licence. Before items are couriered to you, we will let you know what you were successful in bidding on, then you will need to complete the Police form to procure ammunition by mail order. We will send instructions. The successful Police permit application will be emailed to the postal coordinator and as long as payment has been received, the items will be couriered to you.

So there you are! No excuse not to bid on something! If you are unsure of what an appropriate maximum bid might be for an item, then ask a fellow member, but remember that it’s an auction and the floor and postal bids will dictate the ‘worth’ of an item.

When Submitting Lots for Auctions

An electronic listing is preferred for ease of preparation. Photographs of interesting lots are welcomed.

Please send with your list of lots, your banking details to allow for prompt payment.

Also, please adhere to the following format for consistency (the use of abbreviations isn't important, but it is important to record cartridge details for the better items.

  • For Example:
    • 1) .475 Linebaugh, hp cj, brass case, hs HORNADY 475 LINEBAUGH.
    • 2) Pkt (20) 7.62x51 White card, black print, "20 RDS 7.63 BALL LOT No 8 MEN 85", hs MEN 85.
    • 3) Two ctges: .240 Flanged Nitro, sp, hs KYNOCH .240; .240 Rimless Belted, sp, hs Kynoch .240.
    • 4) Book. Manual of Pistol and Revolver Cartridges. Vol 1. Centrefire, Metric Calibres, by Erlmeier & Brandt. Red dustjacket, 1967.
    It is important to give an indication of condition if the item is not in good condition.

    Without any description as to condition, the default is that the lot will be in good condition.

    Please indicate if any prohibited ammunition is included in any lots so that we can signal this to potential bidders.

    Also please note that notification of the transfer of prohibited ammunition from one approved collector to another will be required after the auction.

    Also see: Auction Rules

    Upcoming Auctions

    If you are not a member of the club, it's very easy and inexpensive to join. For as little as $15 per year, you receive six emailed (pdf) bulletins (each containing 16 pages of interesting information about collectible ammunition), or you can pay $45 per year and receive posted printed bulletins.

    If interested in joining, you can download an application form by clicking here, fill it in and email it to the club secretary: