About Us

The New Zealand Cartridge Collectors Club was formed in 1961 by a group of about a dozen people interested in fostering the hobby of cartridge collecting. Since then the club has grown to a membership of over 250, including about 50 members in a wide number of overseas countries. The club has contact with other similar clubs throughout the United States, Britain, South Africa, Australia, Spain, Canada and Europe, and is affiliated to the International Cartridge Collectors Association.

The Club rules are few and it operates on a minimum of formality.
Gatherings are held several times each year, where collectors buy, sell, trade or swap cartridges to build up their own collections. More senior club members have collections of up to 10,000 or more individual different cartridges.

Collections vary - some members collect only military ammunition, some just British sporting rounds, rimfire or pistol and revolver cartridges, while others specialise in shotshells. Many collect packets - full or empty - and other items of sporting history or militaria.

The club publishes a bi-monthly bulletin, giving details of new, rare, old, odd or unusual cartridges, answers questions from club members and keeps members in touch with club activities.

Once a year the club holds an auction of a wide variety of cartridges offered for sale by individual members. Bids are restricted to club members only and can be made either as mail bids or bids from the floor during the club's annual meeting.

Subscriptions for membership are NZ$45.00 per year (or NZ$45.00 for overseas members) plus a joining fee of NZ$10.00.
There is also an 'E' (email only) membership available at NZ$15.00 per year.

Interested? If you'd like to contact us for more information, or would like to join, click here!

Current Committee

President ... Tim Birdsall

Vice President ... Mark Gillingham

Secretary ... Henry Shields

Editor ... Kevan Walsh

Treasurer ... Kevan Walsh

Committee ... Craig Titheridge, Kim Munden , Des Ching, Bruce Kennedy, Bruce Hoban

Hon International President ... Jim Buchanan (ENGLAND)