There is a lot of information available out there. Here is a small list of books available that may be of some interest...

"Cartridges of the World" .. Frank C. Barnes

"Ammo Encyclopedia" .. Michael Bussard

"Stampings on Shotshells" .. Ken J. Rutterford

"The American Cartridge" .. Charles R. Suydam

"Round Ball to Rimfire" .. Dean S. Thomas

"From Musket to Metallic cartridge" .. Oyvind Flatnes

"British Cartridge Manufacturers, Loaders and Retailers" .. C. W. Harding

"The Birmingham Cartridge Manufacturers" .. C. W. Harding

"U.S. Center Fire Metallic Rifle Cartridges" .. .C.V. Hamilton.

"The .22" Rimfire Cartridge. A Headstamp & Identification Guide" .. B. W. Gracia

"The Cartridge Collectors Notebook" .. Stephen L. Fuller

"The Cartridges of Edward Maynard" .. RD & RA King